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An Inspector Carlyle Novel #1


Can you win and election and cover up a murder at the same time.

In the middle of a General Election, someone is targeting former members of the ultra-exclusive Merrion Club - youthful hedonists addicted to excess metamorphosed into pillars of the political establishment.

Next in the murderer's sights is charismatic, ruthless Edgar Carlton, the man poised to be the next Prime Minister. But, with power almost in his grasp, Edgar will not stand idly by while his birthright is threatened.

When Inspector John Carlyle finds a body in a luxury London hotel room he begins a journey through the murky world of the British ruling classes which leads all the way to the top. Carlyle has to find the killer before Carlton's people take the matter into their own hands.

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An Inspector Carlyle Novel #2


How much blood will have to be spilt before the past can be put to rest?I

When Agatha Mills is killed in her home in the shadow of the British Museum, there is only one suspect - her husband Henry. For John Carlyle, it looks like a welcome chance for a quick win. But, much to the Inspector's annoyance, Henry refuses to confess. Worse, he comes up with an alternative version of events that is almost impossible to investigate.

Distracted by other cases, the Inspector just wants the Mills murder closed. But when a distraught Henry kills himself on the way to prison, doubts begin to surface. Slowly, Carlyle has to face up to the fact that the man may just have been telling the truth.














An Inspector Carlyle Novel #3


John Carlyle will follow the trail wherever it leads.

When Inspector John Carlyle discovers a disorientated girl in a park near Buckingham Palace, he takes it upon himself to find out who she is and where she's from.

His hunt for the identity of this lost girl takes him from Ukrainian gangsters in North London to the lower reaches of the British aristocracy.

Soon, the inspector is on the trail of a child-trafficking ring that stretches from Kiev to London, and back to the palace itself...















An Inspector Carlyle Novel #4



John Carlyle faces some familiar enemies at the heart of the establishment.

When the body of journalist Duncan Brown is found in the back of a rubbish truck, Inspector John Carlyle is thrown into the middle of a scandal that threatens to expose the corrupt links between the police, the political establishment and the hugely powerful Zenger media group.

Hunting down Brown's killer, Carlyle finds himself going head-to-head with his nemesis, Trevor Miller. A former police officer turned security adviser to the Prime Minister.

Miller has dirty money in his pockets and other people's blood on his hands. Untouchable until now, he is prepared to kill again to protect his position - having failed once already to dispose of Carlyle he is not prepared to slip up again...


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An Inspector Carlyle Novel #5



'I need to talk to you... about your father.'

Inspector John Carlyle gets the shock of his life when his mother announces she is getting a divorce after 50 years of marriage. But that's nothing compared to the storm that erupts when he stumbles across an execution of a wealthy businessman in a luxury London hotel room.

The victim is the latest in a line of bodies being left across London by a ruthless Israeli hit squad. Going up against this deadly crew could prove to be fatal to Carlyle, but compared to his troubles at home, however, tracking them is something of a relief.

But the body count continues to rise and then it gets personal... Can Carlyle sweep the killers from London's streets before more innocent people die?














An Inspector Carlyle Novel #6



Hunting down a paeodophile priest, Carlyle finds himself up against his old adversary Christian Holyrod.

The Mayor of London is responsible for hosting an upcoming visit by the Pope and does not want any more scandals involving the Catholic church.

Carlyle, however, is not prepared to let crimes side, putting him on a collision course with both the mayor and the church.

Without his sympathetic boss, Carole Simpson, to protect him, could this be the end of the line for Carlyle?

Never one to fight only one battle at a time, he also has to deal with an armed robbery at an upscale jewellers in Mayfair... and a serious health scare for Helen, his wife.


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An Inspector Carlyle Novel #7



When French gangster Tuco Martinez threatens Carlyle and his family, the inspector has to call on the resources and skills of Dominic Silver to try and see him off.

But Dom won’t do all the dirty work and so Carlyle has to go into hiding. 

Cut off from his home turf, both literally and metaphorically, Carlyle struggles to cope with the situation.

Meanwhile, back in London, the charismatic major, Christian Holroyd, is finally spiralling completely out of control…


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An Inspector Carlyle Novel #8



When Julian Schaeffer is shot in front of his son in a London park, suspicion falls on his estranged wife.

The woman has a seemingly watertight alibi, but Carlyle – trying to make the best of a difficult relationship with his new sergeant, Umar Sligo – won’t stop digging.

Focused on the Schaeffer case, the inspector is not too interested when Daniel Sands is hauled in to Charing Cross, accused of kidnapping.

Then he discovers Sands’s back-story and finds himself propelled forward in a quest for justice for two fathers and their destroyed families.



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An Inspector Carlyle Novel #9



In and out of prison for over 40 years, Seymour Eriksson is officially ‘London’s most unsuccessful criminal.’

So why can’t Carlyle keep him off the streets for more than five minutes – and how can he stop hack Bernie Gilmore naming and shaming him in his tabloid rag?

Worried about his own personal profile, Carlyle is slow to notice several alarming cases involving missing schoolgirls.

So can he get his act together and start solving crimes before Bernie brands him publicly as ‘London’s most unsuccessful cop’?




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An Inspector Carlyle Novella #1



Yorkshire, June 1984: 

War is raging between the police and striking mine workers. New recruit John Carlyle is sent up from London to man the picket lines. But when seventy-eight year old rose grower and political activist Beatrice Slater is found dead, the young constable's tour of duty takes a dramatic turn.

With the internal security service watching his every move, local police chief Rob Holt is under pressure to make a quick arrest. Carlyle finds himself drawn into a murder investigation that gets more complicated by the day.

Was Slater's death a robbery gone wrong? Or was she silenced because of her support for the strike?















An Inspector Carlyle Novella #2



London, October 1984: 

Irish terrorists have blown up British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in a hotel near London.

Gerry Durkan, the prime suspect, is on the run in west London and Constable John Carlyle is drafted in to join the hunt to find him.

The increasingly frantic search exposes rivalries in the security services as up and coming MI5 agent Martin Palmer goes up against Special Branch veteran Mark Cahill.

Palmer needs to find Durkan first, or see his embryonic career go into reverse. But the young spook has a dirty secret of his own, one that he will kill to keep.















An Inspector Carlyle Novella #3



England, Summer 1986

When journalist Hugh Scanlon and his wife Marjorie are murdered, veteran cop Walter Callender finds himself on the trail of rogue Secret Service agent Martin Palmer.

Enlisting the help of rookie John Carlyle, Callender turns to previously unheard of technology, DNA testing, to try and trap the degenerate killer before he strikes again.

This Inspector Carlyle novella is one for all Carlyle fans.


















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